Researching Poo Transplants

by Claire

Fecal Matter Transplants (FMT), or Poo Transplants are the latest craze in helping to heal the gut, and thereby the immune system, and potentially helping a whole host of immune-system related disorders.

Given that my medical history includes years of antibiotics and steroids in my childhood, classic immune-system disorder-related issues such as eczema and asthma in my youth, and food sensitivities and allergies throughout my life, it is safe to assume that my immune system has had a bit of a beating throughout the years. There is research that concludes that CFS/ME and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity could be related to an autoimmune condition. (I believe that my Neurally Mediated Hypotension is a secondary condition that will go away when the CFS and MCS are sorted out).

Could a poo transplant be the cure I’ve been waiting for? Could it at least improve my health in any slight way? I’m slowly going through the research to see if FMT could help me. Below is a list of resources I’ve checked, and specialists I’ve spoken to.

Ask the Doctors – Gut

Insight – Gut Feeling

Radio National – All in the Mind, the mood/food connection

Frozen as good as fresh for fecal matter transplant: study 
“Potential donors must be screened for infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis, as well as intestinal parasites and other bugs” “the researchers’ use of enemas to implant the stool samples was an interesting alternative to colonoscopy” “they found no serious side effects with either fresh or frozen fecal transplantation”