A New Toy!

by Claire

Everybody loves new toys, and mine is not new and in fact has been recommended to me several times, but I am finally using it!

It’s a countdown timer!!!


Fancy Google Timer

Countdown timers are usually used to increase a desirable behaviour (like homework or exercise). Spoonies generally use countdown timers as an activity limiter to stop them from doing too much, and I have finally embraced this concept.

I really want to write more, but (as with most things) I tend to go all-out and then burn up and take ages to recover. So. No more writing burn-outs. Just a slow jalopy ride for me; one hour in the morning, and one in the evening, each ended by a happy Google bell. I am sure I’ll procrastinate by trying other countdown apps, but in the meantime our benevolent overlord Google will take care of it for me.

I don’t really need a timer for any other activities. My morning stretches are a comfortable 20 minutes (when they happen) and I am very good at varying my walking distance to suit my level of ability that day. I could use a timer for my piano playing, but since I hurt my back a year ago I’ve hardly been able to play at all. Now that my back is recovering I am able to play sometimes for a few minutes, but the pain always limits me before the fatigue becomes an issue.

Do you find that a countdown timer is a helpful tool? I’d love to hear your examples and stories!