Motivational resources for changing and maintaining your diet

by Claire

A good diet is the keystone of health. For anyone, spoonie or normie, eating right and getting your digestive system in order gives you so much more energy and allows the body to divert precious resources to healing.

Finding out what diet your body needs is a whole other story. After being dismissed by many doctors, trying (and failing) many elimination diets, going through fecal matter tests, breath tests and a colonoscopy/gastroscopy I finally took an expensive blood test to determine my IgG reactivity to common foods. Having a diet free from dairy, garlic, egg, soy, nuts, cane sugar, preservatives, and gluten has made a huge difference in my quality of life – the bloating has almost gone away, and the painful cramps have almost disappeared, and my weight is slowly going back to normal. Unfortunately the road to figuring out your digestive issues and how to treat them is long and hard and will be different for everybody.

However, no matter what your individual gastric problems are, EVERYONE can benefit from eating less sugar, less refined carbohydrates and starches, and more vegetables and water. I am fortunate(?) in that when I lapse and eat something I really shouldn’t (like three toblerone cocktails in one sitting), the symptoms are quite uncomfortable and last for about a week, so my motivation to stay on target is strong! However, I am less reactive to cane sugar and garlic, and the temptation to have ‘just a little’ every now and then creeps in and I need a renewal of purpose to keep my diet clean. Sometimes monotony of food choices or outside stress will make my diet unappealing or difficult, and in those times I also need a little inspiration to help me on my way.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. Zig Ziglar

Here are some of my favourite books and documentaries for when I need a renewal of purpose or an injection of inspiration!

Quitting Sugar

Excess fructose consumption is making us all fat and sick. Everyone knows that cane sugar is fattening, but fructose is also found in coconut nectar, agave, honey, and a multitude of other natural sources. Only when we consume fructose with enough dietary fiber to stimulate the appropriate insulin response and satiety control (such as in raw fruit) does it become ‘safe’.

sweet poisonDavid Gillespie
David champions a whole host of health issues, the two biggies being the dangers of fructose and vegetable oils. I love his book Sweet Poison – it was the first one I read that detailed the science behind why too much fructose is bad for you. It’s an excellent read, and I highly recommend starting a healthy diet here.


Copy_of_I_Quit_Sugar_print_edition__25277_1462933685_386_513Sarah Wilson – I Quit Sugar
IQS is now a major brand, but the initial book and 8-week IQS program is a great way to stop that sugar habit and start eating a healthier diet. Having the 8-week program really helped me through the withdrawals and cravings, and the yummy recipes were great!



tudor documentary.pngBBC Documentary – Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home
Perhaps an odd choice, but the first 20 minutes of this documentary are spent looking at the introduction of sugar as a luxury item available to the upper-middle classes and the devastation that it wrecked on their bodies. It really does reinforce the fact that we aren’t built to consume such large amounts of sugar! *Available on SBS on demand until Feb 2017


More Vegetables

This is such a no-brainer, and yet so many of us don’t eat enough vegetables, or get stuck in a rut and end up having such little variety in our vegetable intake that we risk missing out on some nutrients, or (if you have a body that is prone to sensitivity) making your body sensitive to some foods due to constant exposure.

beauty detoxKimberly Snyder – The Beauty Detox Solution
Kimberly’s aim is to make your digestive system work so wonderfully that your body has lots of energy to devote to “beauty” – skin and hair lustre, clear, bright eyes, no pimples… Spoonies might find that their priorities are a little more practical – maybe just having a little more healing energy would make a small difference! The Beauty Detox Solution is a great book -although a little extreme (food pairing is a nightmare and I don’t have the spoons for that) but even just reading through it gives you a new appreciation of the variety of food available to us, and some inspiration to include new and delicious salads into your weekly menu.

Where do you go for healthy eating inspiration? I’d love some new motivators so leave your favourites below!