Natural Make-up Tips and Reviews

by Claire

Slowly swapping out each and every cleaning, make-up and personal care product is a long and exhausting task. Researching ingredients and finding trustworthy brands is fatiguing and overwhelming, so it’s really nice when other people have done the work for you!

Below are links to some of my favourite natural make-up tips and reviews.

If you have any suggestions, or have done reviews yourself, leave a link in the comments!

Chemical Free and Vegan Makeup Routine by Annie Jaffrey
It’s great to see these products go on, and Annie has looked hard and long for cosmetics that are toxin-free and also perform to her high standards.

The Best Nine Toxin-Free Lipsticks by I Quit Sugar
Having a perfect pout doesn’t have to jeopardize your health!

The Best Toxin-free Cosmetics by I Quit Sugar
Sarah Wilson lets us know what products work for her, as well as what her readers recommend.

Depths of Beauty does a huge range of make-up reviews and tips – I could spend hours on this site!

Amazon has a list of Environmental Working Group Verified body products.

I ordered a few products through Nourished Life – they offer free shipping in Australia if your order is over $99. Which is easy to do if you’re getting two or more things!

Not all of these products are perfect, and what level of toxic exposure you are willing to accept is up to you. I always like to run the ingredients through the Environmental Working Group first – not only do they review products, but also give an overview of the ingredient, what it is used for, and what the health concerns are.