by Claire

Today I am going to a two-hour information session in the city.

I have to catch the train in, and then find a taxi to drive me the two blocks to the venue.

I will be sitting in a chair for the duration of the session which is dicey as my  dysautonomia is playing up – I really need to keep my feet elevated or get up and stroll around every half hour.

It’s in the evening which is when I am most alert, but I am still scared stiff. This is a herculean task for me and while I think I can do it, I just don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m fairly sure I have the energy to get into the city by myself, and get to the venue. But I’m worried that I won’t be able to last for the whole session, and that if I feel unwell there, that getting myself home will be too much.

Luckily I have a wonderful, amazing, caring, supportive boyfriend who is doing all that he can to help me live my best life.

He is waiting for me in the city, and he will meet my train when it comes in. He will grab some food with me and catch a taxi with me to the venue. He will deliver me there and help me work out what to do if I am feeling unwell. He will wait for me nearby in the state library so he can be on call in case something happens, and will meet me afterwards to shepherd me home.

Guy, you are a super star. You make such a difference to my quality of life. Thank you.

UPDATE: It went really well – I was in great condition, it only lasted an hour and a half. Guy read a book in the entrance way so he was on hand as soon as it finished. I was feeling OK by the end, but I didn’t stay around to mingle, just headed straight home. We walked a city block to get to the train station – that was a bit tough, it was baby steps by the end. I spent the next day in bed but managed to get up and go for a short walk in the early evening.