Napoleon’s Gold

by Claire

Please excuse this post – it has nothing to do with chronic illness or healthy living. But it does support a new author who also happens to be my own amazing Guy Roberts!


Napoleon’s Gold is set in modern-day London. Jack Starling arrives home to find his brother murdered and now his own life is on the line.

‘Jack.’ She looked at him directly, her face open in an entreaty for understanding. ‘What if I told you that somewhere in Europe is a stash of gold stolen by Napoleon and hidden from the world since 1815.’

While the gold remains hidden he will be a target for criminals and fortune-hunters. Will he find the gold or face torture and death at the hands of his brother’s killer?

While this is a great page turner in the style of Jeffery Archer, Dan Brown or Bernard Cornwell, this book is more than just a thrilling chase story. Guy has tutored history subjects at The University of Melbourne for years, and this book elegantly combines his interest in the Napoleonic wars with a modern adventure.

Napoleon’s Gold has only been released a short while, but positive reviews are coming in:

“a well resolved, page-turner that has all the ingredients for success … a magnificent ride around the historical monuments of London, then on to France, Belgium and Waterloo… antagonists clash and up the ante as they outsmart, outwit and outlive the many and varied confrontations…”

“Enjoyable romp in the style of Da Vinci”

You can purchase Napoleon’s Gold as an e-book from Amazon.

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