A Real Treat

by Claire

There’s a new product out which I am really excited about!

coco2 spread

Like, really excited about.

With no dairy, sugar (except for low-fructose rice malt syrup) or nuts, or basically anything else, this is a sweet snack that I can eat. And I don’t have to make it myself.

Ingredients: Organic Rice Malt Syrup, Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Powder, Vanilla, Salt.

Taste: To be perfectly frank, I think that this is too sweet. I much prefer the flavour of my own chocolate spread – using pepita spread as a base gives it more depth. But it’s chocolate, and it comes in a jar, so… TICK!

It seems to be quite energy dense which is great for giving me a boost, but because it’s so sweet I can only have one or two teaspoons at a time so I tend to not go as overboard as I do with other chocolatey stuff. And did I mention that I don’t have to make it myself?? When your diet is super restricted, basically nothing comes pre-prepared. I am incredibly lucky in that the loving boyfriend cooks most of the meals, but any snacky or treaty things need to be made from scratch by me. While I am getting better all the time, it is still a struggle to manage the energy I do have without pushing myself too hard and then crashing, and although I love cooking and baking, it is not often a priority. The result is that there are very few snacks and sweets going in our house, so being able to have something like this on hand is a real treat.

Boom tish….