Recipe – Chocolate Spread

by Claire

I am on a super-restricted diet as I am allergic to nuts and some preservatives, and intolerant of what seems to be most food (apples, bananas, onion, tomato, gluten, oats, dairy, yeast). I also stay away from added sugar (fructose) after reading Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar and David Gillespie’s Sweet Poison.
Oddly enough, it seems to be the nuts that are the hardest to stay away from. There are so many people out there avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar that recipes without these are easy to come by, but so many of the recipes include nuts! Especially the sweet treats – nut butter adds a richness and a silky texture that is needed once dairy and sugar are taken away. And then I discovered pepita spread. It’s just all sorts of wonderful, most of all because it makes the perfect nut butter substitute! Now I can make these babies!

Here’s a recipe of my own – it’s so delicious I eat it straight from the jar (or spread on toast if I can wait that long).

gooey deliciousness!

gooey deliciousness!

¾ of a 250g jar of Pepita Spread
3 sachets of Stevia powder
4 heaped teaspoons of cacao powder
A good pour of rice malt syrup – taste it and add more if you need

Stir carefully at first so you don’t spill the cacao powder everywhere, soon you’ll get a delicious gooey mess. Enjoy!