Recipe; Chicken and Beans in a Pan

by Claire


Checking labels is time consuming but worth it - there are preservatives and sugars hidden EVERYWHERE!

Checking labels is time consuming but worth it – there are preservatives and sugars hidden EVERYWHERE!

Living on a restricted diet is a little difficult at times, but has made a great difference in my quality of life; I used to have chronic stomach problems and ‘asthma’ but ignored them. Next to debilitating fatigue they seemed unimportant. My stomach might be double in size and sensitive to touch but I could still work/walk/socialise. I get an asthma-like allergic response to some artificial preservatives/flavours and all nuts. I am intolerant of apple, celery, tomato, onion and banana but I find I can handle them in small doses and better when they are cooked for some reason. I have given up sugar* as high levels of fructose are not good for anyone, and the sudden energy spikes and drops are difficult to handle. I gave up gluten (wheat/ rye/barley) as I found that it makes me bloated and painfully constipated. I don’t eat dairy (with the exception of natural yoghurt) as it makes me feel bloated, heavy and unwell. I gave up alcohol to decrease the stress on my liver.

Chicken and beans in a pan became a staple of mine a few years ago not because it is so healthy – although it is, but because it is so quick. I could walk in the door and have this ready to eat within ten minutes. Often to save even more time (and dishes) I would eat it straight from the pan – hence the name. This year as I slowly started to restrict my diet I relied upon it more and more, so when a friend recently asked me to give her a meal that she could cook for me, naturally this was the first one that I thought of.

Chicken and Beans in a Pan

Chicken breast, canned cannellini beans, light olive oil, thyme, broccoli, salt/pepper on the table. I haven’t given any quantities because you can do this however you like it. I usually put one can of beans with a large chicken breast and a medium broccoli head to feed two people.

  1. Dice the chicken breast into medium-sized cubes. Lightly coat with light olive oil and dried thyme.
  2. Wash the broccoli and cut into florets, then turn the frying pan on to hot.
  3. Rinse and drain the cannellini beans and use the microwave to steam the broccoli.
  4. Put the chicken into the hot pan, wait a minute or two before turning – the chicken should be golden on the underside. Wait another minute and then add the cannellini beans. Stir/poke around to mush up some of the beans and to make sure all of the chicken is cooked through. It will take a little over a minute for the beans to warm through.
  5. Plate up the chicken and beans with the steamed broccoli. Dinner is served!

*I wrote a blog article about my experiences quitting sugar and a review of Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar book. You can read it here.