Welcome to my Chronic Fatigue blog.

by Claire


 My Chronic Fatigue became a real issue at the start of this year. I was no longer able to work or support myself, I lost contact with friends and became fearful of leaving the house; basically my life just fell apart. My body needs a chance to heal itself. I am giving myself six months to recuperate and rejuvenate and am starting this blog to share my story as I struggle towards wellness.

I hope that by keeping a written record of my progress I will keep focused on the positives and be less overwhelmed by the bad days.  As well as being a great cathartic experience, social connection and motivational support for me, I also hope to reach out to others with chronic illness and support them, too, even if it’s only knowing that there is someone else out there facing the same issues as they are.

Please enjoy reading about my experiences as I try new ideas; help me celebrate my successes and sympathise with me when I make mistakes. Hopefully not too many mistakes.